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Valentino Rossi The Game races to the console

There are more racing games out there than you can shake a stick at, but some are certainly better than others. Valentino Rossi The Game has had mixed reviews, but there’s no denying the power-couple at the core of the game: Valentino’s VR46 racing brand and Milestone’s MotoGP series. This title features some gorgeous motor racing graphics which will put you right into the action, but is it anything new?

A racing simulator with a big brand name

One thing that casual gamers will notice when picking up Valentino Rossi The Game is that it’s not just an arcade bike racing game. Like MotoGP ’15 before it, this game tries to emulate the actual feel and physics of racing, so there’s a surprising amount of skill involved. This is great news for fans of real motorsports. Of course, the game is Valentino Rossi-centric so his fans will be pleased to see all of his famous bikes featured within. All aspects of the game celebrate the life and success of Rossi, including the chance to explore his ranch! In terms of play modes, you have access to exciting Flat Track races, rallying at Misano and Monza, career and classic modes and more. Career mode represents progress through a campaign of racing and building up the best bike, as you would expect.

What’s driving this game?

This game has two big selling points (other than the Rossi brand, of course): graphics and realism. The graphics are quite excellent, with a sharp camera and gleaming sunlight, which could often be mistaken for a real motorsports show. Textures on both bikes and scenery look smart and are an upgrade on previous titles, plus the animations of the riders are very smooth. Gameplay is moulded by realism, so casual players may get frustrated, but those who like to race a lap again and again to perfection will like this game. The slightest difference in braking distance or track position can change a lap time. This realism is further boosted by the addition of ragdoll physics, so you’ll see the harrowing effects of crashes. Another of Valentino Rossi The Game’s strong points is the audio. The soundtrack is catchy and the racing sound effects are loud and proud. With headphones on and the volume up, you’ll get much more immersion.

One for Rossi fans

There’s no surprise that Valentino Rossi The Game is aimed at Rossi fans, with his branding, face and personal life featured heavily in the game. Fans of motorsports in general will still enjoy it, but only those looking for a realistic simulator, not a casual arcade race. Furthermore, the game is sadly plagued by bugs, but patches are never far away thanks to modern internet-enabled gaming. Overall, this is one for people who know their racing.


  • A realistic racing sim
  • Celebrates Rossi’s long career
  • Looks and feels amazing
  • Rally car driving also featured


  • Can be buggy
  • Challenging difficulty

Valentino Rossi The Game for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • 3.9
  • (17)
  • Security Status

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